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Mariel Favila

Mariel Favila Morgado

Marketing Director

With a bachelor’s degree in marketing from TEC de Monterrey, Mariel started her career in marketing as a scholar intern at Nielsen in 2017. She later pursued her interest in Cultural and Creative Businesses as an Independent Marketing Advisor. She's worked with numerous art galleries, restaurants, and clubs throughout Mexico.

Some clients include Casa Equis, Nahualli Gallery, Galeria Vortice, After, Silverio Mezcal, and Gamma.

During the 2020 Pandemic, she designed an online course for small to mid-sized businesses in the art market to handle the economic challenges due to the health emergency.

On her free time she creates visual art collections through the practice of painting, collage making, and photography.

Since 2021, she has lived in Burbank, CA, beside her husband and business partner.

Michael Villafan

Creative Director

After graduating in 2019 from UC Santa Barbara with a BA in Film and Media Studies, Michael began pursuing his passion for all things cinema. He's done freelance content production for an eco-tourism company based in Mexico City, and a non-profit organization in the US.

He is a writer and on his free time he actively researches about politics, philosophy and the evolving state of the world's climate change.

He currently resides with his wife and business partner in Burbank, California.

Michael Ramos Villafan
Julianna Chavez

Julianna Chavez

Digital Copywriter

With five years of experience as a dedicated teacher and a master’s degree in teaching from UC Irvine, Julianna honed her skills in communication and creativity. Throughout her teaching career, she found joy in developing engaging lesson plans and educational materials and using research to optimize student learning.


Julianna decided to explore her passion further by writing copy for small businesses, where she excelled in creating impactful messaging. In 2022, she decided to fully pivot her career into digital copywriting. Her background in education enables her to understand target audiences and tailor her copy to resonate with them effectively.


In her free time, Julianna enjoys expressing herself through music and visual art. She currently resides in San Diego, CA with her husband and their beloved pup.

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